Our beginning...

In 1986, interested in learning about meditation- specifically mindfulness or insight, some friends travelled together to a retreat centre. There, up on a hill under a tree (really), they sat down to listen to a teacher and in their own words, were blown away.  

They invited the teacher Shinzen Young to come to Canada to do the same for a small interested group which became known as the Community for Mindful Living (CML). Thirty-two years later, CML still hosts two retreats per year with this renowned mindfulness teacher - usually scheduled in the spring and fall of each year.

Check out the links above to learn more about these retreats: what to expect, what to bring, location, the schedule etc. and when registration opens and how to register.  These retreat are very well-attended and fill quickly once registration is announced and opens, so don't miss out by joining the mailing list to get the advance email announcement when registration will open!