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Daily Schedule

Below is a sample schedule of each day.  See below the sample for the actual schedule of each retreat open for registration which will include the first and last days.   For advance travel planning, the retreat check-in is always 4 pm on the first Sunday of the posted dates (followed by a meet & greet dinner), ending with lunch (noon) on the last day Sunday of the posted dates - approximately departure 2 pm if you wish lunch. 


Once you have registered, please print the actual schedule below to bring for reference. It will also be posted throughout the retreat centre. The schedule is designed to give a general sense of the flow of the day. Actual times may vary slightly from those posted. Any variations will be announced. 

Sample - Daily Schedule for Website1024_

There are some long sits scheduled. We encourage you to adjust your involvement with the schedule as is appropriate. Feel free to pace your involvement, particularly if this is your first retreat.  Experienced meditators may want to intensify their practice by meditating alone in their rooms to avoid the frequent breaks. On the other hand, first-timers may want to sit out a few periods to rest or take a walk.

For Newcomers, the required participation is to come to the Newcomer Meeting the first evening or day, your pre-assigned online session and to attend the technique instruction sessions (where guided meditation, training & Q&A is offered) each morning and as many dharma talks as you choose.

Others are completely free in terms of their participation. During meditation periods each retreatant may practice whatever form of meditation they feel most comfortable with, although the talks and guided meditation are all based on Shinzen’s formulation of traditional meditation techniques.  Commuters are also encouraged to participate in as much of the scheduled program as possible. To receive full benefit from the retreat, we recommend commuters limit phone calls and other everyday activities while not at the centre. Please refer to the schedule for planning your arrivals and departures each day.

Retreatants are encouraged to alternate using a chair with sitting on the floor if the discomfort of sitting becomes a problem.

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