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Virtual Retreat Specifics

This information will give you an overview of a virtual retreat before registering.  Feel free to contact CML via email if you need more clarification after reading this information.  



This is a silent retreat for persons of all levels of meditation experience. It includes times for technique instruction, guided meditations, sitting and walking meditation, as well as time for mindful movement (yoga, qi gong or more walking - within the environment you have chosen to be in for the virtual retreat, although sometimes offered via zoom by a volunteer). 


Instruction is through:

Guided meditation during Technique Instruction Sessions
Interviews - for guided sessions
Interviews - for one on one sessions


The retreat is designed to be an intensive learning experience and may heighten emotions. Please keep this in mind if you have experienced emotional distress or are under psychiatric care.  You will b asked to read and sign the Waiver of Liability and Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment when registering.


Special instruction is available for newcomers during the retreat with a Co-Teacher. In addition to a newcomer meeting with Shinzen and the Co-Teacher on the first day/night, newcomers are also pre-assigned interview sessions with Shinzen the first few days.  Facilitators (senior students trained by Shinzen) and Coaches (UM Pathways Gradutates) are often available for one-on-one interviews as well. For more information, newcomers may view the following YouTube clips:










                                     Welcome New Students/First Timers                                                               Beginner FAQ


All evening talks and technique instruction sessions are recorded for archives or future sales, but will be sent to all retreat participants as a bonus after each retreat.

Arrival & Departure

Please join any ‘virtual’ room a few minutes before any session begins. If you are NOT joining us for the first day/night ‘Welcome Orientation’ (current students ONLY), please let us know in advance.  No discounts are given for a late arrival or an early departure from the scheduled retreat . Newcomers are required to commit to the full retreat, as teachings build on the day before. Newcomers are especially required to attend the Newcomer Meeting with teachers the first day/night.

See Daily Schedule for details.

Ethical Guidelines

Please note: It is expected that you have watched the video below to take on the precepts before the Virtual Retreat begins. As a support in providing a safe environment, and also as an exploration of our relationship to life, we agree to five traditional guidelines (Five-Fold Sila), or precepts, for the period of the retreat:

1.    I undertake to refrain from causing harm to living              

2.    I undertake to refrain from taking that which is not          

3.    I undertake to refrain from telling lies or harmful                

4.    I undertake to refrain from sexual misconduct
       (in the context of the retreat, this implies no sexual activity).

5.    I undertake to refrain from using intoxicating substances.

Student Assistance

In the spirit of Dana (generosity), CML offers financial assistance to people unable to attend retreats due to limited financial resources. Financial aid up to $100 may be offered for a virtual retreat.   When applying for student assistance, when registering you are required to choose and pay the student assistance fee DEPOSIT choice on the application.  There will be a limited number of Student Assistance opportunities; therefore, we ask that only those who would not be able to attend without student assistance apply AND if you haven't received a student assistance in the last 18 months.

As one’s financial situation changes over time, we encourage donating back to the program so it can be a revolving fund available for others. 

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