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Daily Schedule for a Virtual Retreat


The March 2024 Retreat will be in the CENTRAL TIME ZONE in North America.

Please note the time zone before registering to plan any necessary arrangements if you're not in the selected time zone.  Time zones are not determined based on original location of the residential retreat, but to allow for others in different locations to join.  Below is a sample retreat schedule but four schedules in Pacific, Mountain, Central and Eastern time zones in North America will be provided on the Retreat Dashboard complete with links.


PLEASE NOTE THE SCHEDULE HAS BEEN MODIFIED TO SUIT OUR PROGRAM NEEDS, i.e. breakfast and lunch times are different than what you may be used to.  


There are some long sits scheduled. We encourage you to adjust your involvement with the schedule as is appropriate. Feel free to pace your involvement, particularly if this is your first retreat. Experienced meditators may want to intensify their practice by meditating for several scheduled sits to avoid the frequent breaks. On the other hand, newcomers may want to sit out a few periods to rest or take a walk.


For Newcomers, the required participation is to join the Newcomer Meeting the first evening or day, be available for your pre-assigned interview session with Shinzen and to join the daily core technique instruction sessions with the Co-Teacher (where guided meditation, training & Q&A is offered) each morning/afternoon/evening and as many evening talks as you choose. Newcomers will also join the AMA (Ask Me Anything) scheduled with Shinzen after their core technique instruction.


Others are completely free in terms of their participation. During meditation periods each retreatant may practice whatever form of meditation they feel most comfortable with, although the talks and guided meditations are all based on Shinzen’s formulation of the unified mindfulness techniques. 

Retreatants are encouraged to alternate using a chair with sitting on the floor if the discomfort of sitting becomes a problem.

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