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Meals & Dietary Needs

The food staff at the retreat centre work hard to provide nutritious and delicious meals, freeing retreatants to focus exclusively on their practice. Food is planned & prepared ahead so costs include all meals whether consumed or not (no partial options).  


Meals are served buffet-style and are held in Noble Silence. Out of respect for kitchen staff, please be on time, as food clearing will begin approximately 45 minutes after meal times. If you have any questions about any food or special requests, please see the Retreat Manager only.  Do not communicate directly with the kitchen staff.


Breakfast:   8:00 am 
Generally a selection of cereals, eggs, bacon/sausage, oatmeal, bagels/toast, yogurt, a selection of fruit and similar.

Lunch:   12:00 pm
The main meal of the day, with a main course of chicken or fish, as well as a vegetarian option, along with vegetables, starches, and a salad bar.

Dinner:   5:30 pm
A lighter fare of soup, salad, cheese and crackers, dips and similar.

Meal Types

When registering, you may select:


  • Omnivorous – provides chicken or fish for the lunch meal ONLY.

  • Vegetarian

  • Gluten Free

  • Lactose Free

Meals are served buffet-style, but indicating your meal type is important so the kitchen knows how much and what type of food to prepare. The menu is provided on an easel stand for each meal, with an indication of ingredients that are of concern or interest (i.e., gluten, dairy).

If you have other dietary needs or medically restricted needs (i.e., allergies), please indicate on the registration form. All effort will be made to try to fulfill your dietary needs; however, you may be asked to supplement or provide your meals if the kitchen is not able to accommodate your request, i.e., registering late.  Vegans may also need to bring items to supplement their meals.

Coffee, Tea and Snacks
Snacks will be available in the lounge between meals. You are welcome to bring your own snacks. There will be coffee and a selection of tea along with a variety of creamers (found in the lounge refrigerators) as well as sugar and artificial sweetener. There will also be 1-2 Keurig Coffee machines available if you’d like to bring your own single-serve tea or coffee K-cups.  Filtered water is available from the coffee/cola/hot water dispenser in the lounge should you wish to fill a container.

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