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Volunteering at a Virtual Retreat

Part of the retreat experience is offering seva (service) to your fellow retreatants. Below are tasks that will keep the retreat running smoothly. It is recommended you have some Zoom meeting experience although instruction can be provided if needed.

  • Sit leader (in blocks of time) - includes your own bell ringing (see instructions in Retreat Dashboard)

  • Ringing the bell for Shinzen-led sits

  • Recording of daily morning Technique Instruction and AMA sessions with Shinzen (by the day or longer if desired.)

  • Recording of daily evening talks (by day or longer if desired)

  • Recording daily morning Technique Instruction sessions with Co-Teacher (by the day or longer if desired) - unless Co-Teacher does their own recording.

  • Room Host for Shinzen Technique Instructions/AMA Sessions

  • Room Host for Shinzen Interviews via Zoom (must have break-out room experience).

If the above tasks are not listed on the Registration Form; please see the the signup sheets provided on a Retreat Dashboard closer to the retreat start.  

Individual tasks will be detailed on the Dashboard.

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