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Community for Mindful Living

Waiver of Liability and Authorization

     for Emergency Medical Treatment

I voluntarily agree to participate in retreat activities, including service positions. If I have any concern about my ability to safely complete a retreat activity, including a service position, I will notify the retreat manager immediately. I also realize that there may be unanticipated risks during such activities. I hereby assume all risk of injury to me and damage to my property that might be sustained in connection with activities undertaken on this CML retreat.
I understand that CML is not expected or able to provide medical and/or psychological care. I agree that, in the event that a representative of CML determines that I need professional medical or psychological attention, CML has the authority and sole discretion to contact 911 emergency services, and/or to contact the designated emergency contact person I have indicated above.
Any costs incurred for health services are my responsibility and not the responsibility of CML.
I understand that participation in CML retreat activities is at the discretion of the teacher and CML staff at all times. If, in the opinion of these persons, it is inadvisable for me to continue to participate at the retreat, and I am asked to leave, I agree to do so promptly.
If I am taking prescription medications of any kind, and I discontinue taking them during the retreat, I understand that this may be grounds to be asked to leave, and I agree to do so promptly.
I understand that I must provide the name and contact details of an emergency contact person in order to attend the retreat, and that I will not be allowed to participate unless I have done so. CML will make every effort to communicate with this person in the event of an emergency. Therefore, I am listing a person who can either collect me from the retreat in an emergency, or who can help to make transportation arrangements if I need to leave the retreat early.
In the event that any session is recorded, and I choose to enter into any dialogue during a session, it is with the understanding that if the recording is produced for sales, this gives permission for my voice to be on the recording.
I have read this agreement and fully understand its contents.
You will be asked to sign this wavier when registering and acknowledge you are of legal age and accept the above disclaimer and authorization.
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